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Bella Boo
23-03-2011, 03:28 PM
I found writing a little thing for Luca quite theraputic this morning so here is my tribute to my one and only River.

Dear Roo

Its been 511 days since the worst day of my life so far. 511 days without your grey face and funny ways. You are gone but far from forgotten. I wanted to thank you for everything.

When I met you I knew you, there was no doubt in my mind you were mine and I was yours. One glance from you told me everything I needed to know - I was home. My riding nerves were in shatters from 3 years of Danu and several trips to hospital. You were naughty, bolshy, cheeky and for sale because you kept ditching the RS clients, but as I was meant to be looking at your neighbour you were looking at me. I turned and asked 'what about the little grey', he's not for you they said, he's naughty. I turned to mother and said - thats my pony. You were - more than you'll ever know - the second part of me. I rode you and felt safe for the first time in 3 years on the back of a horse. A month later, various trials and tests, you were home.

Your first day home I tacked you up and we headed out for a hack. I didn't know you'd never been hacked, to say you were excited is an understatement. Do you remember that hack? Your ashes are there by that tree where we waited for the dog walker to pass, next to the log where we soon loved to jump. You stood to attention, scared, excited but kind. I knew from that moment you would always be mine. For 2 years we hacked, here there and back. You were spooky and joggy and refused to be schooled - but by now we were entwined you and I - nothing was better than 4 hours of us, exploring the countryside, racing sheep and laughing. You soon got the hang of schooling and started to enjoy it - but it was still our long hacks we both longed for.

We moved down to Surrey - a change for us both. Our hacks had to change - no longer the rolling hills of the South Downs or pretending we were highway men on the pilgrims way. We missed Cath and Ruby but found your special Aunty Nicky. By now you were described as 'solid' and 'dependable' by those who met you and I giggled to think of the rearing, bucking, spooking monster you had been... I felt our lives were before us and you would never leave me.

Little did I know that all this time you had been carrying a secret. You kept not being 'quite right' and I kept calling the vet. They could find nothing. Then May 5th 2007 the world got turned upside down for us. Bone spavin was diganoised 'the worst case I've seen' the vet said. In all 4 hock joints - you'd been in pain a long time - yet you'd kept going and going - never saying no. I cried with guilt, I cried for what we had lost, I cried for what I had done. You nussled my hair and rubbed on my shoulder. I knew you understood, I knew you weren't cross, but I will live with that guilt forever.

We tried everything Roo, but nothing was working, you developed Navicular but this time I refused to listen to others. You told me in your way - you stopped picking up your front feet - I called the vet, the damage was as plain as day for all to see, now you were lame on 4 legs. More treatment was given and you suddenly got worse... Ulcers were found - what now I cried - what more can he endure. Endure you did as you developed COPD - box rest meant your lungs went too. My darling Roo was fading fast.

I begged of you one last fight I wasn't ready to give up. You dug deep and gave me another year. I got to ride you again, but it was too much for you. I retired you for good - my pet forever. But winter approached and everything got sore. I knew I could ask of you nomore. One day I walked into your stable and your eyes looked at me. I turned to L and said - its time. We called the vet and I cried and I cried. I knew that until the time cam I would be by your side. We went for a wander, brushed you til you gleemed, told stories of your adventures, took photos and tried to smile. I knew you knew, I knew you understood and in your last moment, your last breath you sighed deeply and licked my hand - a thank you from the best.

Even the vet couldn't hold back her tears - you touched every soul you met. A real dude to many, to me simply the best. I've had to move on, had to find a way, I hope you don't see it as a betrayal of the love I hold for you, because my darling Roo - you really were my man.

I hope that the sun shines on you now, and you are free from pain to run, and prance, and dance again.

Smiles for the good times,
Tears for the loss,
Peace at last.

And just because you were gorgeous - some photos:







Gone my dear - but never forgotten - held in the hearts of many, as a good friend said about you 'you were greater than the sum of the few times she had met you for to know Tori was to know River'...

RIP my darling


23-03-2011, 03:41 PM
Another amazing tribute to a wonderful horse. Had me in tears again. He was so very lucky to have you and by the sounds of it he knew it. You did what was best for him till the very end and i'm shore he is thankful to you for that. I love that first pic you can feel the love you two shared.

God bless, RIP River Roo xxx

Bella Boo
23-03-2011, 03:44 PM
With this little lad it was I who was the lucky one.

We're so blessed to have these animals, and it felt wrong to pay tribute to one and not the other. Somehow today feels about closure and moving on...


23-03-2011, 03:49 PM
Oh jeeez T,

Theres nothing I can say to that, other than thank you. Thank you for giving him the chances you did, for introducing him to new funtimes, for giving him a life of love, and for helping him go when he needed too.

River; a superstar shining over us, you are missed. You live on in the hearts of those that love you.

BB, your a selfless, loving, giving, wonderful owner and any horse is lucky to have you.

Bella Boo
23-03-2011, 03:55 PM
*passes Benji a tissue*

Aww shucks thanks hon, if they get 50% from me what I get from them then I feel I am doing a good job - he was a poppet though :D Been going through old photos and remembering the stupid things he'd do...

We're just so lucky.


23-03-2011, 04:05 PM
I need a box of tissues.

Then i'll crack up laughing when i think of his wobbly lip ....itchy spot.

Bella Boo
23-03-2011, 04:21 PM
Ahh the infamous lip wobble... it could go on for 30 minutes at a time as long as you had 'the spot'... or the 'wheres the itch' game - that always amused everyone... but you know he was an itchy boy!!

I'll never forget the hack with Nicky where he laid down in the middle of the briddle way and tried to roll... but waited until I stepped off once he got to the ground before going over. Or the night we jumped a man lying down in the woods at dusk thinking it was a falled log and he chased us all the way home... :lol: :lol:

He wouldn't want us to cry remembering him but laugh... or the time he gave the farrier a wedgy... I mean literally picked the farrier up from the ground by his boxers... he was a monkey alright! xx

23-03-2011, 06:38 PM
Oh hun. No words. Tears and laughter.


24-03-2011, 07:04 AM
More hugs & tears here too