• Crime Prevention - Protect Your Horses and Gear

    Hopefully this will help us to do everything we can to keep our horses and our gear safe...

    We would like to thank Karyn, Equine Liasion Officer of the Hampshire Police, for the information provided below:

    Equine Crime Prevention

    Though there are no guarantees in preventing crime there are some simple steps you can take to dissuade criminals stealing from you, this is known in law enforcement circles as Target Hardening. It is basically taking steps to ensure that a criminal must expend more effort in removing your property, making it less worthwhile to them.

    Protecting your most priceless possession, your horse!


    There are several ways to identify your horse:

    Freeze Marking - A unique combination of letters and or numbers are applied to the coat using special branding irons chilled in dry ice. This kills the pigment cells in the hairs and they ...