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Thread: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

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    Bella Boo

    How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    Well - somehow it got to be 2 years ago since darling Ginger nut (Luca) went to join his little big brother in the big green fields where horses and ponies don't hurt anymore. Seems like only yesterday.

    As always - here is his yearly letter.

    Darling Ginger Nut

    Well, the time has passed, it seems crazy that you have now been gone longer than you were with me and yet your presense is still so missed. It speaks volumes of the impact you had in such a short space of time.

    You came to us so broken hearted, mistrustful and painful to look upon. You left us full of life, gleaming and confident which is the only comfort I can take from not being able to save you. We tried, but the pain was too great and the mental damage done. I couldn't bare the thought of more of your past coming back to you, and couldn't promise to keep you safe forever.

    Without you though I would've never dared to dream of what I could achieve with a horse. Without you I would never have stood up when darling Roo left us. You gave me what I needed to go on, you gave me confidence in my ability to help you, and you made me realise that there was more I wanted to achieve.

    Your lessons have never left me, nor the memories of your face. How a small thing can mean so much - being able to put on your bridle and touch your ears, watching you learn how to jump. It is cruel of fate that I only had you for a year, and cruel of life that one so young as you had known so much suffering.

    So today, as the sun shines as it did that day, I thank you my darling big, stupid, clumsy ginger nut for all you gave you, and today like every day beg your forgiveness for not being able to make the outcome different. There is a hole in my heart where your ginger face used to be, and you will never be forgotten, the image of you the first time I saw you - and I knew I had to have you is etched on my mind. Skin and bones with eyes so dull. So quiet. Everyone thought I was mad 'what have you bought' - they soon changed their tune when they saw the beauty you became. Malibu beach barbie that you were - with mane so blonde and face so handsome. I hope you are strutting your stuff up there and making the ladies swoon.

    So sleep well Luca boy, and keep your Roo company until a blessed day comes when I get to see you both again. I hope in my deepest heart that on that day you will let me know you understand why we had to let you go, and I can climb aboard your broad and beautiful back and fly like we once did.

    All my love
    T xx

    And some obligatory pictures - you've probably seen these before as I only have a few of the handsome boy:

    When he came home:

    Learning to jump:

    Having fun:

    Handsome boy:

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    Re: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    handsome boy indeed.

    big hugs xx

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    Bella Boo

    Re: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    Thanks sweetie... know you were fond of his stupidness

    Just can't believe its been so long.

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    Re: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    Hugs. He was certainly a stunning boy. xx

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    Re: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) he was such a handsom chap. They leave such big holes when they go. xx

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    Bella Boo

    Re: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    Thanks guys - just wish we could've done more for him. Of all the horses I wish could speak it would be Luca - there were so many unanswered questions about him and his past that I am sure if we had some answers to we could've help more.

    Some days butter wouldn't melt - but he wasn't a horse for the faint hearted - there was a switch somewhere in that dumb blonde brain that would go off and he would be OTT horrific bless him. Long reining could be a battle and a half as he'd spin round, rear up then spin again and kick out at your head! Next day - he'd be a lamb. We were never able to get to the bottom of it all...

    He was a real mummy's boy though and I adored him.


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    Re: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    or go from lamb to dragon in the same session... bless his sillyness.

    buster sends a big cuddle

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    Re: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    A very beautiful boy indeed.

    Hugs hunny.

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    Re: How can it be 2 yrs - Ginger Nut

    Stunning chap



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