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Thread: Gone too soon

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    Unhappy Gone too soon

    I have had to have Ebony aka Mrs Knobberts put to sleep.

    Got a call to the yard on Monday afternoon to say she was collicking. Rushed over there to find her white with sweat and her rug absolutely sodden Kept her walking while we waited for the vet and changed her rug while walking her. Vet arrived and examined her and said he needed to do an internal as there were no gut sounds at all. Did the internal and said her gut is badly twisted and displaced. The options were an operation to straighten the gut , cut off the dead gut and hope for the best. Following that with box rest which she would NOT do as the stress of being stabled would probably bring on another bout of colic. Or let my beautiful girl go.

    I chose to let her go as being the best option for her. I was with her til the very end and now am heart broken but I know I have done the right thing for her which makes it a little easier

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    How very sad. So sorry for you loss. RIP xxxx

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    Sorry to hear that. A lot of colic around atm RIP.

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    So sorry, good night ebony and run free in your dreams x

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    Oh darling! I am so very, very sorry. I can't believe it. Colic is so cruel. Hugs to you.

    Rest in peace beautiful Ebony.

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    Oh BB! Im so sorry

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    So sorry D, not much else I can say that you haven't heard already but it was clear how much you loved her. She was a beutiful girl and you made the right decision for her.

    RIP Ebony xxx

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    So sorry, what a bloody awful thing colic is. There's no words, just know that she felt your love deeply and is grateful you did what was best for her, she'd thank you if she could. Massive hugs my sweet, know that we're all thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    So sorry to read this. you did all you could for her and in the end you put her first. This shows how much you truly loved her.

    (((((hugs)))))) to you. xx

    RIP Ebony, run free and know you were truly loved. xx

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    Thanks guys. Actually managed to go to the yard yesterday afternoon without crying for the first time since Monday.

    Went to see Ebony's daughter and she nuzzled my face gently before going back to grazing Was very soothing

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