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    I didn't know you for more than an hour, but when I learnt you'd died I cried.

    Driving to client's site on Monday morning I took a wrong route. Looking for somewhere to turnaround in noticed a pheasant on the road tucked into the kerb. I thought she was dead. Finding a side road I turned around and drove back the same way. The pheasant had moved slightly!

    I stopped the car and had to wait while a pickup went the other way. It clipped the pheasants wings. She was so scared, flapping her wings but unable to get away. I swore blue murder at the pickup as I wrapped her in a blanket.

    Back in the car, I put 'vet' into the satnav. The closest was nearly seven miles away in the opposite direction. Off we went. Monday morning traffic. Once I'd unravelled Ethel's head from the blanket I kept talking to her and stroking her head. She was calm, no doubt the shock, keeping her head resting on the blanket and watching me, with no attempt to bite.

    Got to the vets. Oddly it turned out to be a poultry specialist. I left her in good hands, telling them to get in touch with me and I'd pay the bill. The vet rang as I was halfway to site. He was very up beat. Said she was fit and healthy and he expected all to be well. He has a wild bird rehab unit at home and would take care of her, plus he'd do it free of charge as I'd taken her in.

    I've thought about her since then and sent a text yesterday to check on how she was doing. She'd died that night. Vet said massive internal haemorrhage and a broken leg. I quizzed the vet as there'd been no suggestion that things might not go well. He said that wild birds often don't show signs of their injuries, that one only really knows when the shock has worn off. I wish he'd explained earlier so I'd have been prepared.

    I don't know why she affected me so much. Maybe it was a moment of hope in an otherwise not so good time. Whatever it was, may you rest in peace sweet Ethel.

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    people's disregard for any animal on the road leaves me cold (the pick up). So sad, but glad you picked her up and she had somewhere quiet and comfortable to spend her final hours. Xxxxx

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